Ash Mews


Ash Mews


Designed for enthusiasts with limited space, we are proud of Ash Mews, a lovely compliment to our range.


Ash Mews can be kept as a normal house, or converted as a Tea Shop etc, your imagination is the key!

The house has four floors, including attic with an attractive bay window and opening front door.  The main front and roof section opens fully.  9mm clasp hinges are used to maintain rigidity.

The roof section has two removable dormer windows.

Windows can be removed for you to install your own glazing.

Attractive quoin stones are fitted at both sides and below the roof eaves.

Eaves trim slots in under the roof.

Lovely design window boxes, to the front of the four upper windows.

All floors have been pre-grooved ready for electrics to be installed.

Three flights of stairs are included, as well as decorative eaves trim.

Easy to follow assembly instructions with photo images.


Ash mews side view


Ash Mews side view


Ash Mews painting suggestion


Ash Mews painted suggestion and lit up


Ash Mews

Width  (mm)

Depth  (mm)

Height  (mm)





Rooms (4)










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